We’ve spent the last quarter century integrating deep database mining, a client-side understanding of how non-profits really work and compelling traditional and digital creative to leverage every step of our client’s donor journey. Here’s how.


New donors are the lifeblood of every nonprofit organization. From list plan consultation to merge prioritization to our own modeled list solution, we understand the importance of acquiring and building relationships with high-quality prospects through compelling creative concepts. MarkeTeam offers a 360-degree management of acquisition programs through direct response services and advanced strategies to help nonprofits understand and succeed at what has become an increasingly more competitive donor share of wallet.

Advocacy Programs

Which petition-signers are good prospects for support? Are all Online activists worth the investment? How do you keep the passion alive for your advocates? With extensive experience managing and propelling advocacy nonprofits, we know the first response is only the first step: the conversion of initial responders and advocates to long-term, loyal supporters must be thoughtful, innovative, tested and measured to ensure that the organization receives the full benefit of its investments.

Our creative passion is backed by science. Every predictive model, donor profile, long-term value analysis and smart audit is custom built for each individual client, and all advanced analytics are managed by our internal team of over a dozen data gurus. Licensing data on 180MM+ US Household units, we invest in and believe in our analytics. From machine learning to persona development to attribution models to multivariate test designs, MarkeTeam is always one step ahead in a data-driven environment.

Supporting a range of hospitals and healthcare clients, MarkeTeam offers a rich history of managing successful grateful patient programs and understands the importance of navigating HIPAA regulations, offering patient engagement opportunities, and developing a deep relationship with the patient. Beyond typical wealth screening approaches, MarkeTeam has seen considerable success converting patients into high-value donors by effectively targeting prospects based on a multitude of predictive variables ranging from capacity to proximity to hospital to charitable giving behavior. Understanding the importance of patient stewardship is critical to maximizing support through the Mid-Level and Planned Giving pipelines.

With online fundraising revenue continuing to increase, a strong digital foundation is a must. We understand the importance of informed decision making, media plans, robust modeling and transparent, emotional storytelling. MarkeTeam’s digital services range from creative concepts to email deployment, look-alike and internet propensity models, to integrated marketing strategies and social media recommendations.

Stewardship. Cultivation. Prospecting. Brand. Portfolio Management. Impact. MarkeTeam has a rich history of developing and supporting Mid-Level programs. We understand what makes a mid-level prospect and donor different from your base donors, and these insights are able to drive our strategies, modeling techniques and creative recommendations. We also know how to harness the long-term potential of these valuable donors. Building a sustainable donor pyramid for future fundraising efforts is at the core of our marketing foundation for our clients.

Direct Mail

MarkeTeam has shared endless success stories with its nonprofit partners. Specializing in direct mail for 30-plus years, we offer strategic program planning, creative development, production management, sophisticated program results reporting, and predictive model implementation. MarkeTeam understands what makes effective direct mail campaigns work. Through compelling creative, targeted audience selections, and cross-program integration, we can support donor retention, cultivation and engagement in a way few agencies can.

We are now seeing the largest transfer of wealth in history with $30 trillion passing from Boomers to their heirs. Rather than targeting older benefactors as the sole source of planned giving, MarkeTeam employs a robust strategy to target all generations, “transitioning” Matures and Boomers while “recruiting” and “educating” Gen Xers and Millennials through a stream of highly targeted communications across all media.

Retention / Loyalty

Building loyalty is an ongoing process. Effective retention, cultivation and pipeline development is imperative to driving long-term loyalty. This requires developing meaningful ways to strengthen engagement by securing second gifts, saying thank you and sending targeted, personalized communications. MarkeTeam specializes in direct response retention strategies and also understands that by broadening digital reach and impressions organizations can experience deep benefits by connecting, inspiring and educating future brand champions.

Monthly Sustainer

MarkeTeam has piloted and managed a number of innovative and highly successful sustainer programs driven by holistic offline and online strategies. We understand how to manage the diverse elements necessary to maintain a thriving sustainer program, including 1. Via predictive models and pertinent creative, targeted recruitment of existing benefactors and direct acquisition, 2. Cultivation and retention of current sustainers, upgrades from existing sustainers and recapture of lapsed sustainers.