Check out our NEW DonorOptics℠ that incorporates nonprofit direct response and digital data all in one location.

MarkeTeam uses advanced analytics and statistical modeling to organize and streamline the vast amounts of data available today. We dig into every data source we can find, and we don’t stop until we arrive at real, human insights about your donors. Our curiosity is never satisfied. 

MarkeTeam’s analysts are nimble and highly responsive. If you need us to answer a question with your data, you only need to ask. There is no official “data request” submission form. Our teams are assigned to specific accounts, so they are intimately familiar with each client’s data.

By receiving access to timely snapshots of your file, we can pull customized reports and analytics to meet your needs. MarkeTeam is ready to respond whether you need a quick stat or a more in-depth analysis on a segment of your donor file.

We are just as passionate about understanding our clients’ donors as we are about promoting their missions. Using predictive analytics and machine learning, MarkeTeam targets donors at the right time with the right engagement piece to accelerate the progress in their journey. All our models are proprietary and client-specific, customized with the richest data sources and optimized to ensure performance/metrics.

MarkeTeam partners with the clients’ internal staff to develop results, reporting and analyses that build on the reporting capabilities of their current database management system. A reporting suite provides insights which ultimately lead to strategies and tactics that can yield immediate results, allowing our clients to monitor and manage their efforts with more accuracy.

MarkeTeam understands that one size does not fit all. Being an involved partner, a subject matter expert, and advisor on client data is essential to providing data-driven insights. Understanding the structure, format, and integration of your production database systems is the foundation for our relationship. Our services span from building integrated data warehouses to providing extracts and uploads supporting multichannel campaigns.