Mental Health Hacks: Favorite Ways to Stay Focused and Productive

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June 8th, 2023

Finding a healthy work/life balance can be challenging, especially in the new normal of remote work and competing priorities. So, since May was Mental Health Month, we asked our team members to share how they keep a clear head and a positive attitude.  

Next time you feel overwhelmed (#happenstoallofus), try working one (or more) of these ideas into your daily routine.

“Get outside and moving — in the morning, if you can.”

Ami Ford
Senior Account Executive

“Walking in nature always puts me in a better mood. On another note, I find that setting boundaries and asking for help has done wonders for my mental health.”

Abigail Williams
Project Manager

“Always listen to music.”

Sara Marks
Staff Accountant 

“Remember to stretch, get some sunlight, and talk to friends and loved ones. It’s also important to do whatever makes you feel rejuvenated.”

Olivia de la Vega
Digital Strategist 

“I walk or pull weeds in my garden to reduce stress and take a break from the screen. I also take meetings on my front porch when possible. The outdoors is mentally recharging for me.”

Erin Lehmberg
Data Scientist 

“Don’t become stagnate. Renew your body and mind with activities that stimulate growth and wellness.”

Paul Brewer
Senior Production Manager 

“Having something to look forward to after work is important for me. These days it’s Pickleball or chalking in my driveway.”

Leslye Phillips
Senior Art Director 

“Schedule mental PTO to help reduce work stress. It’s ok to sometimes be selfish with your time. Do not accept every invitation. Block off time on your work calendar to focus on projects. Spend time doing things that you enjoy — and talk to someone you trust.” 

Bethany Goodrum
Senior Account Executive 

“A clean space is a happy space. I clean, organize, and declutter. I have a routine, and if I don’t follow it, it throws me off.” 

Anna Hall
Senior Product Manager 

“It’s important to take time to disconnect. Lately, I’ve enjoyed starting my day earlier and working out. I also like going outside because it reminds you that life is much bigger than yourself.” 

Cachandre Rawlins
Account Executive 

“I make sure to get at least 30 minutes of some type of movement, not just because it’s scientifically recommended, but it also helps my anxiety not catch up to me and overwhelm my brain. It’s super important for me to make my work-from-home space separate from my ‘living’ space. (i.e., my television is not in my office space.) This keeps a lot of distractions out.  I’ve recently been very intentional about making sure my office is filled with things that promote productivity and ONLY those things.” 

Maggie Coleman
Account Executive 

“Deep breaths really help. Additionally, a quick cuddle with your furry companions is a great break!” 

Pam Lo
Senior Account Director 

“I’m a big proponent of any sort of physical activity. For me, physically moving heavy weight goes a long way to maintaining a positive mental attitude. I also value spending time outside and away from unnatural light (phones, laptops), as it helps me relax and recenter.” 

Pete Brooks
Account Director

“Running and working out is a must to keep me sane. As a working mom, a run before my day starts makes all the difference.”

Olga Dickard
Senior Account Director

“Get up while it’s still dark. Walk to ocean. Listen to birds as they awaken and join cacophony, one by one. Watch tendrils of light begin steeling over horizon as sun lights dawn. Celebrate rhythm of cosmos. Exhale.”

Jim Johnson
Senior Vice President and Creative Director 

“Step away from your computer a few times throughout the day to give yourself a quick break. Get outside and take in the fresh air. If you can, after you log off for the day, don’t check emails on your phone. Disconnect from work. Have some time each day that is not dedicated to your work life. Dedicate that time to your other priorities: family, friends, and hobbies.” 

Amanda Semple
Lead Analyst 

“Throw out or donate things you know you won’t use again. Too much clutter causes stress. I’m also a fan of yard work! Manual labor is great for taking your mind off stuff.” 

Barbara Johnson
Vice President of Client Services 

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