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August 6th, 2018

Every day, the Post Office delivers about 500 million pieces of mail to 151 million addresses across the United States. Half of that volume is advertising mail – that’s some serious competition!

Your organization is worthy and your mission is compelling, so how do you compete for a recipient’s attention?

Consider how you sort your own mail – you flip through each piece, glancing at the size, shape, weight, wording, graphics, color and texture of each package attempting to gain your attention. But the bottom line on opening an envelope or reading a flyer hinges on whether there is something that you want.

In other words, stop thinking about yourself! Your recipient is thinking: “What’s in it for me?”

Prestige– Mass produced mail pieces addressed to the OCCUPANT are easily dismissed. Using high touch techniques such as quality paper stock, first class postage, live hand writing, special fonts or repeated personalization create a more intimate communication that elevates the recipient from the masses. Adding a peek at personalized components through an envelope window – such as a certificate or member card – increases the desire to see what else is inside.

Opening an envelope or reading a flyer hinges on whether there is something that you want.

Urgency– Bold deadlines on the outer envelope add urgency and importance to entice an individual to open and respond. Amplify that knowledge with a textural element like an official-looking sticker or interactive device to gain even higher response.

Upfront or Backend Premium– Make sure you call out if a premium is enclosed or offered as a gift for response. If you don’t promote it, you’re wasting your time and money!

Value– A matching grant, discounted offer, or special pricing can be amplified with a faux check, coupon or voucher. Try a variety of approaches to see which ones resonate.

Size/Heft – Who can resist opening a big, fat envelope? Adding a graphic of the product – with an explanation that ties it to the mission – can instantly makes sense and generate response.

With donors supporting up to 20 nonprofits (and often more!), you need to consider what motivates them to continue their support or add you as one of their favored charities!

By Ursula Winchell | Account Director

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