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November 12th, 2020

Although Giving Tuesday is nearly here, it’s not too late to put the finishing touches on your campaign or even to pull one together at the last minute.

For many nonprofits, Giving Tuesday generates more revenue than year-end giving (the last week of the calendar year).

Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re prepared:

Use the #GivingTuesday logo and make it your own. For instance,

  • Add Purple if you work with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.
  • Add a dog collar if you work with an animal rescue organization.

Use #GivingTuesday in all your email and social media promotions.

“Brand” your emails, donation page, and automated gift receipts to Giving Tuesday.

Feature a Matching Gift opportunity if you have one.

  • It doesn’t matter how much the match is, just have one.

Named campaign, if you don’t have a match. You need a strong reason to give.

  • For example, “Give the Gift of Health” or “Save a Child” on Giving Tuesday.

Include #GivingTuesday in your Google ad.

  • Go ahead and search Giving Tuesday and see what nonprofits are at the top.
  • You should be there too.

Create a video.

  • Videos have better viewer retention than just text.

Test increasing your giving amounts on your donation page for the “Save the Date” email. If it brings in more revenue, roll it out on Giving Tuesday or A/B split if you are averse to risk.

  • Your donors are committed on Giving Tuesday, why not give them an opportunity to upgrade.

Schedule a “Save the Date” email.

  • Make sure you promote in at least one email and social media one week before Giving Tuesday. Earlier and multiple times is better.
  • Promote giving now to kick start donations, don’t wait for Giving Tuesday!

Promote Giving Tuesday in your e-newsletters.

Include a lightbox/pop-up on your website to draw attention to the special offer.

Compelling subject lines to stand out.

  • Express urgency, deadline, maybe even an emoji.

Schedule an email the day before Giving Tuesday to prepare your constituents.

  • The Monday before Giving Tuesday is Cyber Monday when millions of people are online and checking their Inbox for deals and order updates. Grab their attention.
  • Schedule multiple emails throughout the day because of the above reason. Don’t get lost in their Inbox.

Schedule multiple emails on Giving Tuesday.

  • Use a countdown clock in some of your email templates.
  • Use a different “signer”/”from” person than usual to stand out in the Inbox.
  • A minimum of one in the morning.
  • A minimum of one in the late afternoon.

Schedule a wrap up email for Wednesday.

  • Demonstrate your immense gratitude to those that donated with a Thank You email.
  • Let constituents know that it’s not too late to give.

Evaluate your results and start planning for next year.

Next week’s blog post features an award-winning Giving Tuesday campaign.

Blog written by Barbara Johnson
Vice President of Client Services

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