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November 23rd, 2020

BACKGROUNDNow that Giving Tuesday has become such a high traffic email day, it has become increasingly challenging for nonprofits to stand out in the inbox. In the first year of MarkeTeam (MKT) and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s (PanCAN) working relationship, MKT was tasked with increasing revenue YOY for their Giving Tuesday campaign which has been one of their highest performing campaigns in the past. Because there is such heavy competition on Giving Tuesday, MKT advised that communicating via multiple channels would be the best way to drive incremental revenue and boost performance.

STRATEGIC APPROACH: A multi-channel approach was developed to maximize revenue for the international day of charitable giving. The campaign consisted of a three-part email series, a lightbox and an expanded graphic sliver banner. As an added incentive to donate, a match offer was promoted through all channels (email and website) which offered the opportunity to double the donor’s support. The Lightbox, Sliver Banner and Emails were all branded to #GivingTuesday while also featuring PanCan’s signature use of purple.

 In order to maximize email revenue, we included supporters that ranged from donors to event participants to volunteers.

  • Email #1: The first email in the series deployed the morning of Giving Tuesday and included a hard ask to donate to PanCAN. The email banner included an image of a toddler (staring into reader’s eyes, evoking an emotional need for support) and father to convey “don’t let another family lose a loved one” messaging.
  • Email #2: The second email deployed the evening of Giving Tuesday. Messaging reminded the recipients that time was running out to make a gift on Giving Tuesday and encouraged donations to support PanCAN. The email banner included a GIF clock with time passing to communicate urgency and to motivate the recipient to act now.
  • Email #3: The third and final email in this series deployed two days after Giving Tuesday. The email banner included a wrapped present to represent gratitude to donors for supporting PanCAN on Giving Tuesday. There were two versions of this email:
    • Giving Tuesday Donor Version: One version deployed to those who donated to the campaign and served as a Thank You for their support and participation (i.e. close the loop email).
    • Giving Tuesday Non-Donor Version: The second version deployed to those who did not make a contribution on Giving Tuesday and included an ask to donate, stating that it’s not too late to support PanCAN.
  • Website Lightbox: A lightbox was live on the homepage of PanCAN’s website from 12/1-12/3. The lightbox image featured the same image as email #1 (the toddler and father) which added a “pulling on the heart-strings” effect.
  • Website Expanded Graphic Sliver Banner: An Expanded Graphic Sliver banner was live on the homepage of PanCAN’s website from 12/1-12/3. The banner called attention to the event and also included a donate button so that if the website visitor closed out of the lightbox and did not click through to the donation form, they could still visit the donation page via the banner.

RESULTS: The implementation of the multi-channel approach (three-part email series, website lightbox and website sliver banner) drove a 145% increase in revenue YOY. Because we were able to reach people via the website that may not have been communicated to otherwise (if they were not on our email list), this helped boost performance.

Case Study written by Kelly Mostowy
Senior Account Executive

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