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February 10, 2022

Rush an acknowledgement letter as quickly as you can, to express your gratitude and the impact of their support.
Send a handwritten note.
Ask their opinion. Send a survey. Let them know you’re listening to them.
Recognize their support and thank them as specifically as possible, by calling out the date or amount of their last gift when you send your next appeal.
Send a video of gratitude in a welcome email or on World Gratitude Day, Thanksgiving, or at an unexpected time of the year.
Mail them a personalized Supporter Card.
Give them a small thank-you gift for their renewal anniversary or after they make their first monthly donation.
Create a certificate of recognition for their participation in an event, their elevation to the next giving level, or their anniversary.
Send a text message or email updating them when the organization reaches a milestone made possible by their support.
Post or send photos of your organization’s mission delivery — such as animal rescuers in action, volunteers unloading emergency relief supplies, serving holiday meals, or hosting special events — good works made possible through their support.

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